Stronger Together

At its core, the Hunterdon County Partnership for Health to which all of these nonprofits are members, is about strength in numbers--coming together to support every individual in Hunterdon County. #HunterdonStrong was born from the belief in the strength of our community, our residents and our collaborative nature.

Non-Profit Affiliates

Hunterdon Strong was created in partnership with 11 community nonprofits and the County’s first responders (all volunteer EMS) in an effort to join forces and raise the much-needed funds that will ensure continuous support of the Hunterdon Community.

A Special Event

Be sure to watch the live stream on November 19!  This will be a memorable evening of community coming together in laughter, song and a chance to win up to $100,000 – and most importantly a community coming together to support those on the frontlines of supporting our neighbors in need. 

Details on how to watch will be made available soon. 

When Hunterdon County faced the incredible challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of nonprofits stepped forward on the front line to meet the community’s needs during this extraordinary time. Whether it be food or shelter for those in need, support for those facing a personal crisis, or meeting the healthcare needs of every resident, our vision has always been to help every individual pursue the most fulfilling life possible. Although the pandemic continues to impact our state and the nation, we are fortunate that in no small part due to the community’s commitment to working together, Hunterdon County remains one of the safest and healthiest counties in New Jersey and the Country.  

Proceeds will equally benefit participating nonprofit and first responders.  This community impact event will be an opportunity to unite us all in a common goal to keep #HunterdonStrong! 

Stronger Together

Show your community spirit and make an online donation to support those on the front line, who selflessly provide critical services to our community.

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