Strong (strȯŋ) (adjective): Having or marked by great physical power. Having great resources.  Not mild or weak.  Moving with rapidity or force.  Well established.  (Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

We are STRONGER together...

When Hunterdon County faced the incredible challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of nonprofits raised their hands and stepped forward to the front line to meet the community’s needs during this unprecedented time.  These organizations assisted two to three times the volume of residents they normally serve. They provided direct support in areas such as health, housing, food and mental health as well as many other services. They have and continue to address the needs of our most vulnerable and the community at large.  Although the pandemic continues to impact our state and the nation, Hunterdon County remains one of the safest and healthiest counties in New Jersey and the Country.  This is due to everyone's commitment to working together to reduce the spread. Our COVID-19 results are proof of that--third fewest deaths per 100,000 and second fewest cases per 100,000 among New Jersey’s 21 counties.

But like many sectors, the pandemic has had a significant impact on nonprofits.  The drastic increases in demand for services and volatile financial markets have hit endowments and earnings.  Meanwhile, events that provide vital philanthropic revenue in support of our efforts can no longer take place. 

Hunterdon Strong’s participating nonprofits play a pivotal role in ensuring the county’s overall health and wellbeing.  Whether it be food or shelter for those in need, support for those facing a personal crisis, or meeting the healthcare needs of every resident, our vision has always been to help every individual pursue the most fulfilling life possible, and not merely a life absent of disease or infirmity. #HunterdonStrong was born from the belief in the strength of our community, our people and our collaborative nature.

This fall, 11 nonprofits and the County’s first responders are forgoing their typical fall events to join forces in support of the Hunterdon community.  They will be hosting and broadcasting live the #HunterdonStrong telethon on November 19, 2020.  Proceeds will benefit the participating nonprofits and first responders.  This community impact event will be an opportunity to unite us all in a common goal to keep #HunterdonStrong! Together we will raise funds to keep these nonprofits serving our residents for years to come. We hope to ignite your sense of curiosity and fun with your benevolent nature for a night we hope you’ll never forget. This includes numerous giveaways, special guests and a 50/50 raffle with a giveaway of up to $60,000!

At its core, the Hunterdon County Partnership for Health to which all of these nonprofits are members,  is about strength in numbers--coming together to support every individual in Hunterdon County.  Today, we come together again to help strengthen our community even more.  Please join us in supporting #HunterdonStrong.

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