What Your Donation is Worth

Below are examples of the impact even a small donation can make.  Everyone can make a difference for someone.

america's grow-A-Row

Be a virtual volunteer:

$25    = 1-hour volunteer shift

$50    = 2-hour volunteer shift

$100  = 4-hour volunteer shift

$200 = 8-hour volunteer shift

family promise

$25   = Pillows for a family of four

$50   = One night of shelter for 1 person

$75   = One night of shelter for a family of 4

$100 = Groceries for a family for 1 week

$250 = Five counseling sessions

$500 = Cost of moving a family from the shelter into a home of their own (includes solicitation for furniture donations, moving truck, manpower, groceries for 1 week and cleaning supplies)

Flemington AREA food pantry

$25    = A friendly volunteer to deliver healthy, fresh and shelf stable food to a struggling senior

$50    = Hot prepared lunch for 20 seniors

$75    = Baby diapers for a month

$100  = Groceries for a family to prepare nutritious meals for a week

$500 = Knock our socks off, as well as supplies a week’s fresh produce

hunterdon healtcare foundation

$25   = Transportation for a cancer patient to chemotherapy treatment

$50   = Supplies needed to help children who have lost a loved one in our Youth Art Bereavement program

$100 = Healthy, fresh produce for food-insecure patients with diabetes, helping them lose weight and decrease their blood sugar levels

Meals on wheels in hunterdon

$5.25 = One meal for a Hunterdon County Senior

$36    = One week of meals for a Hunterdon County Senior

$150  = One month of meals for a Hunterdon County Senior



$1 = 14lbs of food for one family

prevention resources and family success center

$25 = Reduced fee tele-health session

$25 = Crises box for food or baby supplies for a family of 4, to reduce basic needs insecurity

$25 = Gas card to help a family get to work, thus ensuring sustainability


united way of hunterdon county

$50   = 2 hours of financial coaching

$50   = 1 neighbor in need with holiday gifts, such as a warm coat or bedding

$100 = 4 households savings of $200 in tax preparation fees

$100 = 4 weeks of diapers for an infant or incontinent adult 

Learn More about the Community Challenge

Hunterdon Healthcare Foundation
9100 Wescott Drive - Suite 202
Flemington, NJ  08822